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Cast Out Prejudice

  • Saturday, 21st Nov
  • 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm IST

Caste bias is one of the most ingrained and divisive forces in India. It is expressed actively, in hate crimes of the most brutal kind, such as rape and violence, and in daily taunts at school, college or work. Equally, it is expressed insidiously in institutional structures and everyday language. It even permeates Indian communities long settled overseas. Whatever the form of expression, caste bias is searingly felt by those at the receiving end. Despite years of enlightened legislation and activism, why is Indian society so resistant to change on this front? Listen to two Dalit voices who constantly negotiate the bias of caste, and one witness to its effects. They narrate their experiences and discuss the social, political and historical aspects of this prejudice in their respect fields.


TM Krishna

TM Krishna is an award winning author, musician and artist.

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Vijeta Kumar

Vijeta Kumar is a writer and teacher based in Bangalore. Her work has appeared in India Today, Deccan Herald, HuffPost, and The Ladies Finger.

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